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Business Account Advantages

ACH Origination/Cash Management Services Online Banking portal
  • Easy to use templates for origination

  • Import ACH files from Accounts Receivable/Payable software

Merchant Card Services 
  • Third party provider Banccard provides this service

  • Provides businesses with the capability to accept debit and credit card payments

Payroll Cards
  • Use bank provided debit cards to pay employees

  • Cards can be loaded via ACH payroll software

Remote Deposit Capture Service
  • Allows business customers the ability to deposit checks from their office

  • Eliminates trips to the bank for deposits

  • Next day availability on checks

Excess Balance Sweeps 
  • Allows customers to set a high balance target in one account, and when the balance exceeds that threshold it will then sweep over into a partner account 

Overdraft Protection Sweep
  • Allows customers to tie a parent account to other BOC accounts in order to provide funds in the event of an overdraft Customers can set how much they would like the transfer to cover; this can cover only overdraft items or can be set to achieve a targeted balance

Minimum Balance Sweep
  • Allows customers to set a minimum balance target on their account to a parent account that would transfer funds back to the account when the balance falls below the target

Positive Pay
  • Allows businesses to keep records of checks through the online banking system.

  • Shows the business when their checks have cleared

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