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About Us


Our Story 

Since 1904, Bank of Commerce has been here for the great people of Mississippi. We were here for our customers during the Stock Market Crash of 1929. When other banks closed their doors, Bank of Commerce remained open because the community knew their money was safe here. We were here for our customers through The Great Depression, and two world wars—actively selling war bonds and serving civilians and soldiers stationed nearby.

Our Employees

As technology moved forward, Bank of Commerce was leading the way with more convenient, efficient services, while maintaining the personal touch our customers had come to expect. We were the first bank in town to: use Recordak for photocopying checks, offer a night depository, provide a drive-in window, and use remote control pneumatic tubes for more efficient service at drive-in windows. As technology continues to change, Bank of Commerce continues to put our customers first by adopting the latest digital advancements.


Our Community 

After nearly 120 years of steady service, Bank of Commerce is still here; standing strong for our customers, opening new financial doors, and offering options that make banking as convenient as possible. Whether you’re just starting out with your first account, buying a new home for your growing family, or planning the retirement of your dreams, you can trust that Bank of Commerce will be here for all your future banking needs. Because we’re… Always For You.

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