The Bank of Commerce takes pride in our loan department staff and the service we provide. Whatever you need, you are assured of receiving personal, concerned interest toward your loan request. All our loans are approved and processed locally to give you faster and more personal service.

Mortgage Loans

Let us help you get that home of your own with fast service, convenient terms and low closing costs. Our Loan Officers will be glad to discuss a plan that best fits your need.

Consumer Loans

Personal loans are available on a secured or unsecured basis. These loans may be installment or single pay.

Commercial Loans

This is another of the many services the Bank of Commerce provides for individuals, business corporations, partnerships and other commercial enterprises. One of our experienced Loan Officers can advise you on a loan tailored especially for you.

Automobile Loans

We are glad to make auto loans for the purchase of new cars and trucks up to (60) sixty months. We will finance used cars (not older than five years) up to 36 months depending on the age and condition of auto and overall banking relationship.

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans are offered at the Bank of Commerce to customers who would like to take advantage of their home's hidden value. This value can be used for home improvements, major purchases, debt consolidation, college tuition, medical expenses, or almost anything you can think of. You can apply for a home equity loan and use the available funds all at once, or set up a convenient line of credit to use when and where you need it.

Home Improvement Loans

If you desire to remodel, add a room, patio or deck -- whatever your need -- we will help make your home more liveable.

Equipment Loans

We will consider all types of equipment loans for home and business. One of our Loan Officers can advise and help plan a loan best suited for your needs.